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El Michels Affair - Enter The 37th Chamber

Den of Wax exclusive!

Deluxe variants with two ultra-limited slipcases, limited to only 37 numbered copies. Never to be printed again, and only available at Den of Wax on Black Friday Record Store Day 2023.

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Den of Wax's Boutique Record Label

Brand new vinyl record label focusing on diverse music from around the globe. Each release is highly curated to fit the Den of Wax brand, and will come in deluxe packaging. Every album will pair a unique design with the music, creating a cohesive visual, tangible, and audible piece of art.


Driftless - Perfect Blue

PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for dreamy shoegaze post-rock that will take you on a psychedelic sunny-day raft ride on perfect blue waters. Heavy yet tender, beautiful yet powerful - this album of dichotomies flows and blends like a river.

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Rid of Me - Access To The Lonely

Den of Wax Records is proud to present, in collaboration with Knife Hits Records, the brand new album by Rid of Me - in a deluxe vinyl package, limited to only 200 copies worldwide!

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