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HELL OF IT shirt

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This is a preorder to be shipped upon the release of the album (November 2023).

Soft and hefty, these beautiful throwbacks were printed on black Gildan Hammer blanks. 

Lyrics on the back are taken from the bombastic track, "Hell of it."

I get by on the edge and flip, some excuse for irreverence / I get bent for the hell of it, and it shows / Riding sunrise with them slow eyes and the homies / Devil knows, where I’ll end up washing makeup in the morning /
I slip by with no evidence, cause upset for the hell of it / Try and die high while we’re leveling, Devil knows /
Got this feeling choking absence will you hold me? /
I’m the Devil made of access to the lonely / I get bent for irreverence, I’m so sick of intelligence / I’ll get high til I make amends with god