Olson, Van Cleef, Williams

Unleash The Hoof's Revenge

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to experience the cinematic soundscapes of a post-apocalyptic spaghetti Western. Imagine what it would sound like to have Russian Circles or Mogwai compose the score for a gritty Coen Brothers / Tarantino film. Beautiful, doomy, and intellectually unique - this is an incredible piece of work by three mysterious members who have yet to meet in person.

Custom deluxe packaging - String-closure seals extra flap on a matte gatefold, with a die-cut slipcase with interior print. Two limited variants.

Quick On The Trigger: Layered red blob on natural, 180g, limited to 275 copies

Keep On Diggin': Brown with red and black glitter sand filled (crafted by Romanus), limited to 30 copies. This is a preorder and will be shipped out as soon as we receive them from Romanus (est. Oct/Nov '23)

T.G. Olson, Caleb R.K. Williams & Ivonne Van Cleef are musical collaborators from around the world. This album incorporates the work of these musicians from the United States, France, and Argentina, all working together across borders.

“For me... one of the more interesting things about this project is how the ambience of all our respective homes and recording locations from all over the world bleed into the music together and are ultra present," said Olson. "Those birds are really making that noise in the background while we are recording in our respective locations... the wind howling, etc. It gives such a strange and interesting atmosphere to everything. I really do hear the musical nature in everything and all of our surroundings. A lot of studios try to make a sterile environment to block that out... we go the exact opposite route.”

“We found each other by seeking like-minded travelers in the digital void," Olson explained. "A union was established and ideas are freely shared and continually worked upon.”