The 5th Exotic

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Available on 2LP black wax

This is the debut album from multi talented musician and producer Quantic. Having just turned 21 years old at the time of completion, this album was a positive indication of things to follow. Like the Bonobo album ‘Animal Magic’, this entire album was recorded in the writers’ bedroom - showing that DIY culture is strong and healthy in the UK and that good creative music can successfully be made and released to an appreciative audience without unnecessary hype. \\\'The 5th Exotic’ combines a variety of influences from jazz to soul to funk to hip hop. All the tracks have a strong musical element and a variety of tempos but each individual song has a connection which makes the album work as a whole. Like any good album this is one that grows on you with each listen. Richard Dorfmeister (Kruder & Dorfmeister) described ‘The 5th Exotic’ as “one of the best beats albums I have heard in a long time”. It is difficult to pick out favourite tracks as everyone who hears the album expresses a different opinion. The title track combines the sounds of easy listening with hip hop beats. ‘Infinite Regression’ features spoken words with haunting strings. ‘Life In The Rain’ is a massive club anthem that has been working on dancefloors across the world. ‘Through These Eyes’ is an out and out club rocker with its double bass and piano hook combined with tough breakbeats. ‘Time Is The Enemy’ is simply a beautiful piece of music which received wholehearted support from a variety of noteable chill out DJ’s. Overall, ‘The 5th Exotic’ is an accomplished debut album with a sound and style that is truly original.