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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for some of that smooth, smooth stuff. We are huge fans of saib's laid-back beats, so we were ecstatic to discover this tribute to the highly influential Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. As expected, saib laid down some sick jazzy beats featuring guitar, keys, and subtle hip hop drums. While the majority of the album establishes a vibe in homage to the anime, some of the tracks take the personality of various characters. If you dig jazzy beats, this is a must own.

Available on peachy & black swirl wax

From saib.:

This album is a tribute to one of my favorite anime of all time Cowboy Bebop. Along with Nujabes, Yoko Kanno is definitely my source of inspiration when it comes to music making. I hope you'll enjoy this release as much as I had fun making it. Thanks to everyone who continues to support what I do. Bebop will be also my last release in Morocco before I head to China, I hope to meet you guys in Asia and show you more beats !!

Historically Casablanca has been known as a global melting pot; a place where cultures mingle and fuse. This quality is evident in the dazzling music of Casablanca native beat-maker and guitarist saib. His tunes showcase saib’s worldly vibe, tied together with his intricate guitar playing which deftly keeps up with all the styles represented in his releases. Hip Hop beats form the backbone as saib’s musical palette skips from jazz flavors to lounge experiments to four on the floor beats… and sometimes within a single track.