The Difference Machine

The 4th Side Of The Eternal Triangle

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to delve into the tripped out minds of The Difference Machine. Spark up, kick back and prepare for some incredible beats and rhymes from one of the preeminent psychedelic hip hop groups. Totally bonkers, yet an album you'll find yourself leaving on the table for another spin.

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There are many planes of consciousness, but in the one that we call the here and the now, The Difference Machine are a psychedelic hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2011, they’ve been at the vanguard of the city’s underground scene, creating gritty, mind-expanding anthems that explore the unifying lines between conscious rap and abstract soundscapes, the dividing wall between the blood-stained realities of twenty-first century urban America and the sublime mysticism of an opaque universe.

The group’s latest sonic attack, The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle, bumps and soars, breathing additional fire and compositional daring into their already formidable style. Your guide on this stark metaphysical journey is rapper, Day Tripper whose scathing cultural surveys and dimensional truths help give shape to producer Dr. Conspiracy’s warped beats and nuclear mystical trash alchemy. Rounding out the group’s songwriting core is longtime drummer Radley Fricker and DJ Obeah who handles most of the cuts on the record. Meanwhile, Cyrus Shahmir, formerly of psych rock cosmonauts the N.E.C., was recruited to conjure his hallucinogenic atmospheres and shamanistic vibes on guitar and keys. The result of this collaborative effort is a more expansive sound architecture layered in primal energy and head-swimming celestial sophistication.

Nuclear mystical trash alchemy and creative mastermind wizardry by Dr. Conspiracy. Day tripping darkness translations, dimensional truths, and drum trafficking double entendres by Dustin Teague. Scorpion protection and universal oneness conduit, third eye speculation translations, space and time shifting by Brannon Boyle. Psychouudenvuodentina by Cyrus Shahmir. Drumz of def by Radley Fricker. Cuts by Obeah. All songs mixed by Mike Mosca. All songs recorded by Mike Mosca and Cyrus Shahmir unless otherwise noted. Mastered by Daddy Kev. Remastered for vinyl by John "Grizzly" Gowen. Collage on cover by Dr. Conspiracy. 3D by Jonathan Dameron. Design and layout by Brannon Boyle.