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Available on light brown with black, white, and gray wax, limited to 500

Punk veterans Hot Water Music are excited to announce the Friday, May 10 2024 release of Vows, the long-standing, influential punk outfit’s brand new album on End Hits Records. Helmed by veteran producer Brian McTernan, Vows features high-profile guest appearances from the likes of Thrice, Dallas Green (City and Colour // Alexisonfire), The Interrupters, Daniel Fang and Brendan Yates (Turnstile) and Popeye Vogelsang (Calling Hours // ex-Farside). 
Three decades, 10 albums, and continuing to stand firmly as an enduring pillar of American punk, Hot Water Music remains a source of influence and inspiration for bands the world over. On the forthcoming Vows, the band’s purpose remains the same as it always was: continued evolution with a keen eye on the future. “The theme that kept coming up while working on this record was growth — how writing a song, recording an album, or being in a band is like planting a seed and helping it grow,” the band said. “We think a lot of that had to do with looking back and realizing that over 30 years, we’ve managed to make something special that we all really love.”
Additionally, Vows marks yet another brilliant chapter in the continued partnership with acclaimed producer and hardcore legend Brian McTernan, who worked with the band on 2001’s A Flight And A Crash, 2002’s Caution and 2004’s The New What Next, often thought of as Hot Water Music’s classic period. Not knowing what the endgame was, the band entered the process of writing these new songs with the simple intention of releasing music to celebrate this hard-earned milestone, be it a single, EP or full-length. What they were absolutely sure of, though, was that they didn’t want to make a new record just for the sake of it; this record had to be exciting, relentless and, above all else, necessary.
“Everyone spent a lot of time reflecting on the journey that got us here and thinking about what we want the trajectory to be from here on out while making this record,” the band summarizes. “We hope this album feels like a celebration of our history and future to everyone that hears it. That is definitely what it is and how it feels to us.”