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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to rock out with one of the world's best dreamgaze bands. Pencey Sloe continues to build a strong catalog, displaying how to meld gentle soundscapes with heavy rhythms, and just a touch of psychedelia. This is a perfect example how a somewhat "mellow" band (not really though) can be considered just as metal as blood-curdling screaming. Featuring Neige (Alcest) and Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu). Highly recommended!

Available on crystal clear and solid gold limited to 200 or black wax

Who am I? This is the essential question that PENCEY SLOE explore on their sophomore full-length Neglect. The Parisian dreamgaze rockers have dedicated their entire new album to the theme of identity. While founding-member, singer, and guitarist Diane Pellotieri is the main songwriter for PENCEY SLOE, her collaboration with new drummer and percussionist Clément Hateau has overall been much closer than with the previous line-up of the band. The result of this joining of musical forces is a more mature and complex sound. Although the French continue on their path of cinematic soundscapes and beautiful psychedelic colors, their occasional drifting into darker spheres and the perfect balance between Diane's vocals and meandering guitar textures create a sonic world of their own design. While the guest-contribution of ALCEST frontman Neige on 'The Run .I' is a welcome nod to the friendship that their compatriots have exerted on PENCEY SLOE, the inclusion of Justin K. Broadrick from among others GODFLESH and JESU is a more subtle pointer to an inspirational musician for the duo.

PENCEY SLOE were conceived in the French capital of Paris in 2017. The name was in part inspired by J. D. Salinger's famous "The Catcher in the Rye". In the same year as the band's inception, a 5-track eponymous EP was self-released in 2017 and their acclaimed debut album Don’t Believe, Watch Out appeared in 2019. With Neglect, PENCEY SLOE embark on a dream-like journey into the dangerous waters of identity. Who we are, who we want to be, and as who we want to appear to others might not be the same. Diane Pellotieri's voice offers musical guidance, driven by subtle drumming, and carried by a stream of guitars. Hoist the anchor, rig the sails, and listen diligently.