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Access To The Lonely

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for one of the best records of 2023! No doubt, we're a bit biased here, as Den of Wax Records has collaborated with Knife Hits Records to release this absolutely phenomenal album. Difficult to categorize, but full of cacophonous earworms, Rid of Me is on the rise. Big things lay ahead for this band, and we are lucky to be along for the ride! We added tons of bells and whistles with our deluxe vinyl package, so grab it before it is gone!

Deluxe vinyl with slipcase. Red with green and black splatter wax. Slipcase has a spot raised matte UV coating that gives the overall slipcase a textured feel, and the mask has a spot gloss UV coating. Limited to 200! And, only found at Den of Wax!

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Access To The Lonely is the sophomore LP from RID OF ME, the heavy melodic noise punk outfit hailing from Philadelphia. Written on the heels of the band’s first LP Traveling and carefully crafted throughout the strange times of 2021 & 2022, the album sees the band grow in every way possible. From the production, to the songwriting twist and turns, to maintaining the best of what makes them unique, the band has reached a heightened level of maturity. Access To The Lonely is like a prolonged sigh followed by a rushed scream after a weekend you’d rather forget.

Recorded at Gradwell House Studios with Matt Weber (Sweet Pill), mixed at Antisleep Audio by Scott Evans (Thrice, Kowloon Walled City, Yautja) and mastered at Chicago Mastering Services by Matt Barnhart (Metz, Pissed Jeans, Bob Mould), the 37 minute album sees significant sonic development beyond anything the band has done to date. The once-core trio (Itarya Rosenberg, Mike McGinnis & Mike Howard) added longtime friend, co-conspirator and fellow musician from previous bands, Jon DeHart on second guitar and his addition shines. This is a two-guitar album through and through. McGinnis and Dehart’s melodies dance around the steady buzz-saw bass, Howard’s drums switch between immovable calming repetition to rapid changes from dance beats to blast beats and back again. The band’s previous foray into bludgeoning noise punk peaks with dynamic and moody post punk bummer valleys is pushed to a new limit on Access To The Lonely. All capped by Rosenberg’s brand of self-admonishing-yet-righteous personal storytelling that is frighteningly relatable to us all. If these words weren’t enough for you to take a peek, let Kevin Whitley of iconic Austin psych noise rock progenitors CHERUBS reel you in a little further:

"Rid of Me is a rock band, perhaps a noise rock band, from Philly. You might guess they’re from Philly in a few tries... but when Mike Howard (drums) opens his mouth, you know. McGinnis and DeHart (guitars) can get you close, but with Howard you know. Philly is like an older brother (in this toddler of a country) protecting the younger siblings from the bullies - with a weary efficiency born of having slogged through all the bullshit first. Their Brotherly Love thing is real... as real as the Brotherly Punch In The Mouth. Their rock thing is very direct - not much mincing about. The song 'Rid of Me' starts... waltzing unadorned. The care is raw, and makes you feel a bit exposed... it’s a relief to be hit in the face when the chorus rolls up (when Itarya (vocals, bass) eats your heart). Thank you for hitting us in the face, because the sweet stuff was harder to deal with... and on it goes through Access To The Lonely - Rid of Me's second full length release. These songs know they’re not letting you off the hook, because Rid of Me doesn’t let itself off the hook. Cut, Hell Of It and Libertarian Noise Rock are certainly not letting anybody catch a break... and by the time The Weekend rolls around, you'll be thankful for any salve you can get. Just like in real life. Someone in the audience said, 'Damn, this is straight-the-fuck-up ROCK... where you been, friend?'. Every song is fed, watered, and cared for as if hard rock were still a real thing - and it’s nice to know it still is. Thx Rid of Me. Thx Philly."

FFO – Unwound, PJ Harvey, Young Widows, Sonic Youth, Low Dose, Hot Snakes

‘Access To The Lonely’ is set to release Friday November 3rd on Knife Hits Records (vinyl / cass / CD / dig) with Deluxe Vinyl released on Den of Wax Records

Vinyl is strictly limited to 500 copies. 100 Opaque Red (Knife Hits), 200 Black (Knife Hits), & 200 Deluxe Green + Black on Red Splatter (Den of Wax). Cassettes are strictly limited to 100 copies. 50 Metallic Silver on Red Tint & Red on Black (Knife Hits)