Spite House

Spite House

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for an exceptionally good debut album of colorful melodic hardcore jams. While focusing on grief and other weighty subject matter, the music resonates with emotional yet uplifting vibes. Coming out of Montreal, this is a band you might find sharing a stage with bands performing any number of genres/styles. It is simply well written, performed, and produced rock music. FFO: Iron Chic, Fiddlehead, Koyo

Milky clear wax, limited to 200

SPITE HOUSE is one of those bands born out of intuition. Vocalist Maxime Lajoie (guitar and vocals) cites the unexpected death of his mother as the spark to dig into his desire to sing for a band and ignite an old idea between former friend and schoolmate Marc Tremblay (drums). Shortly after, the two had fallen into a cohesive writing rhythm of tracks bearing influences such as Samiam, Jawbreaker and Seaweed with a modern flair. The band’s sonic trajectory was cemented with the inclusion of Nabil Ortega (bass), who also shared a mutual love for the band’s list of influences.

The band has wasted no time. Since their inception they have hit the ground running and have been hungry to create. In February, the band released their “3 Song Promo” that caught mention and interest ranging from casual music fans to the ears of music journalists at places such as BrooklynVegan. What was heard on these promo tracks is reinforced on their upcoming LP, “Spite House”. The LP boasts 10 full post-hardcore tracks shaped by modern introspection and the curiosities of life. While this is Max Lajoie’s first time fronting a band, lyrically and vocally he delivers. Max’s wide vocal stylings offer listeners a glimpse into the emotions put into each line and driven home by the musicianship of the band as a unit.