Kipp Stone

66689 Blvd. Prequel

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Available on black wax, limited to 500

This album is about finally becoming the best version of myself. Using case studies of people in my life to help guide me, the album starts with me idolizing these people and their specific traits. As the album progresses, I go inward and compare myself to them. The phone calls are mini “unofficial” therapy sessions spread throughout the album to update the listener on my journey. Ultimately, as I chip away at myself, I start to uncover the root of my problems and by the end of the album I “kill” those people. By “kill”, I mean I learn to implement the helpful attributes of these people and do away with a lot of the negative. I take a step closer to this better version of myself almost using these people as puzzle pieces to complete me.

66689 translates to OTW (On The Way).

BLVD (Breathe. Love. Vibrate. Die) which will one day be my stage name for another phase of my career.

This album is a prelude and the first of 3 albums in the series.

Working on this album was different from any other album I’ve done. Most of it was freestyled, and I recorded the entire album by myself. I literally isolated myself and made this entire album damn near secretly. I would smoke some diet weed (CBD), let the beat play and just let it flow. Other times I would hit the studio after it closed and just lock in by myself for 15 hours at a time, given the content of the album it seemed appropriate.