Hermanos Gutiérrez


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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to hear the Swiss brothers with the fastest trigger fingers in these here parts. The music will put you into full chill out mode, so prepare to drift off through the Western plains, as cinematic tunes unfold with jaw droppingly beautiful riffs. A perfect gateway album into the almost palpable rhythms of Hermanos Gutierrez. This hard-to-find record is a necessary addition to any collection.

Available on pink wax (Euro import)

Two brothers. Two guitars. Two distinct identities that become one soul when they play their music. Alejandro and Estevan are the Hermanos Gutiérrez, a unique instrumental group with roots in the American Southwest and the sounds of Latin America.

Eternamente is the perfect introduction to Hermanos Gutiérrez and their unique "Instrumental Western Sound". This collection features 12 selections spanning four albums, including songs; "Hijos del Sol", "El Jardin", "Esperanza" & many more.