Atlantic Oscillations (12" Single)

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Available on 12" black wax

As the first Quantic release under his main solo moniker since 2014’s critically acclaimed ‘Magnetica’, the prolific artist has raised the stakes in the interim with further highly praised side projects including The Western Transient, Flowering Inferno, Quantic & Nidia Góngora and Quantic y Los Míticos del Ritmo. He has also relocated to Brooklyn, built his new recording studio ‘Selva’ and taken a bi-monthly residency at New York club space ‘Good Room’, where this track was created, tried and tested. “This record feels like it grew naturally as I grew to know New York”, Holland muses “I had started the record with electronic sketches in Ableton but soon found that with my new studio setup I was able to record everything with live musicians”.

“Atlantic Oscillations” embodies a disco vibrancy taken directly from sweaty dance nights in Brooklyn’s small disco and dance clubs, “I’ve had the chance to see some great DJs and got into the disco edit and some incredible dance songs. NYC summers are great for outdoor parties and I wanted to make something which was long and had a real journey for these kind of parties”, Holland explains “it was primarily my wish to make a bad disco tune”. The finished product is a track shimmering with the warmth of a New York City summer and the energy of a party equipped with a well-stocked free bar.

The track’s title, taken from the weather phenomenon, came from an email Holland’s mother sent him; “my mother used to always send me news and emails that she thought I’d find interesting, one time she sent me one about North Atlantic weather oscillations”. Beginning with a simple bassline recorded by Holland, the track evolves into a symphonic experience, building a tension that swells with darkness. “The whole song is based around the bassline. After this the guitar was added and then drums from Caito Sanchez. Caito plays a lot of disco with Midnight Magic so he really had this feel down.”