Todo Bailarlo

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for a hybrid Latin experience - while maintaining a punk edge. You want a dance party of eclectic "world music" (we don't love that term either), but you're too cool to dig in the cumbia and salsa crates? Here's the perfect solution. And, this album rules. As fans of traditional Latin American music, we're huge fans of Zeta - and you will be too!

Available on red/yellow hand-poured wax, limited to 200

The South American rock group known as Zeta (originally from Venezuela, now based in the United States) embraces their identity through music in collaboration with The Abajo Cadenas Orchestra (a collective of musicians spread out across the world) to publicly share a new album that connects them to their roots more than ever. Experimenting thoroughly with musical elements that anyone who grew up around Latin American culture will have engrained in their psyche such as calypso, cumbia, salsa, bossa nova and the distinct afro-Caribbean rhythms among other sounds that have left a cultural imprint that represent the places where the musicians grew up and formed their musical identities.

Todo Bailarlo is more than just a transformation- it represents a reconnection to our origins -the act of opening the door to our souls- Where on the on the other side of it our real purpose was revealed. We humbly wish to offer some of these learnings as tools to help us collectively heal from the suffering and hardships of past times. The world as we once knew it is ready to usher in something new, to take a leap of faith into a new era and we want to make it as welcoming as possible to anyone who becomes acquainted with our art to find comfort in it- we wish to offer a map. A map well-known routes and with new paths taken. Paths that may feel unfamiliar but have been tread by humanity for a very long time," said Juan Chi

"When we were creating (La Flor Del Tiempo) we were trying to transform a samba rhythm into a more ritualistic/drum circle feel. The lyrics of the song talk about blossoming as person using flowers as a metaphor for spiritual growth.” Juan Chi continued.