Hideo Shiraki

In Fiesta

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Hideo Shiraki is a drummer who shines a bright light in Japanese jazz history with his unique musicality and presence. One of his most representative works is this magnificent “In Fiesta” album, recorded in 1961 and released on Teichiku Records at the time. The starting track "In Fiesta / Matsuri no Gensou" is a miraculous masterpiece in which a Japanese melody is arranged into a cool jazz mode with a unique arrangement that uses the koto. Check also the thrilling "Just One Or Eight" tune with its exploding drums, and "Cherokee" and its amazing solo. The performances by masters such as saxophonist/flutist Hidehiko Matsumoto and pianist Yuzuru Sera are superb. After more than 60 years, the musicality is still innovative and the enthusiasm rises from it. This work has now become a masterpiece that captivates the world. This is the first analog reissue in monaural audio. We hope you enjoy this monumental work in Japanese jazz history with its overwhelming sound!