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Available on double LP recycled wax

"In 8 years, we learned, we shared, we grew, got married, got signed, got better and our new album is a culmination of that journey. With it and with you the listener, we will close a chapter of our lives together and step out into a new one filled with new sounds and colours.

Thank you for allowing us to survive in a world hostile (financially speaking) to what we do and intend to keep doing. Art is only one of many means to a better world, and we hope that ours, in the form of music and film shared with you will lead and assist you towards the formation of that.

In the spirit of these words, we invite you to take a larger responsibility in our existence. We do not wish to be bound by the whims of streaming and internet companies. For once it all dissolves, so will we. Make an effort to buy our music so that we may become invincible. Make an effort to come see our shows so that we may move you. Above all, join our mailing list and be informed about what we are doing. You’ll be constantly surprised and rewarded. Its time you stopped sitting there like another passive idiot.