False Cathedrals

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for one of the all-time great Louisville post-hardcore/emo/indie rock albums. While False Cathedrals has received cult-like praise over the past decade of inactivity (and rightfully so), it remains one of the most important pieces of work from arguably the most underrated band of all time. Not only does this record belong in any rock fan's collection, this is a must-see-live band (if/when they decide to hit the road again). Absolutely essential.

Available on coke bottle green wax

Elliott's debut full-length, "U.S. Songs," was released in June of 1998 to critical acclaim while winning the hearts of the independent music world. After a year and a half of touring and songwriting, the band found themselves in Los Angeles recording "False Cathedrals" with accomplished producer/engineer Toby Miller (Wallflowers, Korn, Fiona Apple). Far surpassing and all but abandoning their post-hardcore roots, Elliott created a sophisticated and elegant rock album of epic proportions.