Rebirth of "TBM"

The Japanese Deep Jazz (Compiled by Tatsuo Sunaga)

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Available on 2xLP black wax with gatefold cover, obi strip, and liner notes in Japanese and English

Three Blind Mice revitalized the Japanese jazz scene during the 1970s and 1980s. Its initial mission was to proactively produce albums of new musicians. Another goal was to expand its fan base, which was done by releasing albums of famous musicians. Through these efforts, TBM has greatly contributed to enriching the Japanese jazz scene.

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and Isao Suzuki were two of the leading figures who gained prominence by their works on TBM. Yamamoto quickly became a star in the Japanese jazz scene by releasing a series of excellent albums on the label.

The label was funded and established by passionate jazz fan, Takeshi Fujii. Its goal was to be the "Blue Note of Japan". Recently, “Wa Jazz” (Japanese jazz) from the 1960s and 1970s has gained a lot of attention internationally, and Three Blind Mice is placed at the center of "Wa Jazz".

TBM also showed its commitment to sound quality. Blue Note as the role model, works by TBM were recorded in the best possible sound quality. Listening to the works of the label, you can get a clear picture of the Japanese jazz scene at that time. Fujii's policy was to record the sound just the way musicians played, and not to get poised by commercialism. That is why TBM works created with the TBM spirit can withstand the hard times.

Tatsuo Sunaga:

“The Three Bind Mice label is an essential representative of “Wa Jazz” . As a DJ and producer, I was given the opportunity to select music from the TBM catalog while unraveling the history of the label. The "young" and "hot" performances that symbolize the label are highly valued internationally, and they are the origin of the "new sensation of jazz", which is constantly updated by people all over the world. Dance floor has now broken the curse of the word "dance" and it is free. “Danceable jazz” has moved on to the next phase, and that is unexpectedly linked to this compilation album.”


Disc 1 / Side A
1. Derrick's Dance / TERUO NAKAMURA GROUP [John Miller] 9:12

Disc 1 / Side B
1. Tones For Joan's Bones / FUMIO KARASHIMA TRIO [Chick Corea] 6:31
2. A New Shade Of Blue / NAOSUKE MIYAMOTO SEXTET [Harold Land] 7:30
3. Sunset On The Street / SUNAO WADA QUINTET+1 featuring MINORU IKENO [Sunao Wada] 8:42

Disc 2 / Side C
1. Feel Like Makin' Love / ISAO SUZUKI SEXTET [Gene McDaniels] 8:28
2. Sunday Thing / TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & THE NEW HERD [Composition & Arrangement: Kozaburo Yamaki] 9:28
3. Lady T / ISOO FUKUI QUARTET featuring KAZUHIRO MATSUISHI [Hideo Ichikawa] 5:51

Disc 2 / Side D
1. A Green Caterpillar / MASARU IMADA TRIO+2 [Masaru Imada] 11:23
2. Maiden Voyage / TATSUYA TAKAHASHI & THE TOKYO UNION [Herbie Hancock / Arrangement: Bingo Miki] 6:34
3. Ain't Nothin' New Under The Sun / AYAKO HOSOKAWA with TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & THE NEW HERD [Mike Sutton / Pam Sawyer / Arrangement: Kozaburo Yamaki] 3:07