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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for a dark ambient influenced hip hop record, full of late-night tales. Imagine the soundtrack for a bus ride through urban cityscapes, comprised of minimalist synth-laden beats and bass, and lyrics thrown down with pinpoint urgency. Who knew the absence of noise could have such an impact on a heavy hip hop nodder? It's the kind of record that even if you're doing other things when it starts, you find yourself turning down the lights and reaching for the headphones. Absolutely killer release from one of our favorite overseas hip hop labels. Get it...

Available on clear with red splatter wax, limited to 350

Written in the witching hour of lockdown one, JOYSVILLE represents a distinct shift in process from the duo. Ungoverned by the more meticulous considerations of the past, JOYSVILLE evolved freely from a small zip of instrumental sketches, before taking shape as a fully realised concept in the space of a short few weeks.

Ed Scissor’s signature storytelling, accompanied by Lamplighter’s sparse and spacious instrumentals, make JOYSVILLE their most personal and accomplished work to date.


1 - Nighttime
2 - The Bosky
3 - Too Long Too Long
4 - Plenty, Time
5 - R U Alone?
6 - Picture A Day
7 - Slo-Mo Twilight
8 - Been A Minute
9 - Ghosts Of Joysville
10 - Joysville
11 - One Year Later
12 - Valentines