A Place Between Us

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“A place between the two of us, the people who are listening, the people who contributed, and the people who inspired us...”

Finally, almost three years after the well-received Orange Wine EP, and three international tours, Okvsho is back with their fourth project “A place between us”. Georg and Christoph Kiss, the two brothers behind Okvsho, are showcasing a project that is more intimate and bolder than ever, offering an insight into their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the last two years. The unique style Okvsho has become known for in recent years has once again evolved, combining organic and electronic elements with beautiful harmonies and expressive rhythms.
Okvsho's second LP will also be the first full-length project to be released on the newly founded Zurich-based label Current Moves, with which the Okvsho-brothers aim to shape the young European jazz scene they are inspired by and also an established part of.

“A place between us is the first step into a new era for us – We’re very grateful for the love and support we received during the past six years and we’ll continue to strive for the better. Thanks for becoming part of our journey.”