Bleed, Memory

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Available on limited orange wax

USA-based dark experimental electronic project Thief released its new album, Bleed, Memory, through Prophecy Productions.

Thief's mastermind Dylan Neal comments: "The new album Bleed, Memory is a haunted, dark electronic exploration of memory, struggle and love. In 2020 my father started showing signs of dementia. Vignettes of his delusions and my experiences with this new, frightening reality are woven throughout Bleed, Memory. His condition caused me to reflect on my own memories and how they become like ghosts, as although we cannot touch them, they can still appear before us and disturb our reality. Peeking through this dotted line of a theme in Bleed, Memory are pulsing lights of perseverance and truth; and this truth is that eventually it is the one remembering who haunts the ghosts!"