Vector Seven

Beyond Reality

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to embark on a journey of dark exploration through the world of cyberpunk. Blurring the boundaries of music and science fiction, the unique soundscapes will take you beyond reality and transport you into the cutting edge world of Vector Seven. Don't skip the tripped-out videos for the full experience. Prepare to overwhelm your senses!

Available on 180g transparent magenta & blue half/half wax, limited to 250! Available for the first time on vinyl.

"Beyond Reality": A Cyberpunk Album for the Futuristic Dreamers.

Get ready to experience the future like never before with "Beyond Reality," the latest cyberpunk opus from visionary artist Vector Seven.

“Beyond Reality” is a 12-track journey through the shadows of tomorrow, a sonic tribute to the sci-fi subculture, with each song weaving a tale of rebellion, technology, and the human spirit.

With its blend of gritty beats, haunting melodies, and futuristic soundscapes, "Beyond Reality" is not just an album, it's an experience. So put on your cybernetic shades, crank up the volume, and join Vector Seven on a journey through the neon-soaked streets of the future.

Vector Seven is a well respected synthwave, darksynth and cyberpunk artist from Germany. He is famous for his unique production style combining dark and heavy synthesizer sounds, with punchy drum patterns and a good bit of retro nostalgia. He has proven more than once how versatile he is as a music producer with his distinctive sound design skills.

Unique crossbreed of cyberpunk & synthwave firing full blast on all circuits. 

For fans of Dance with the Dead, Daniel Deluxe, Carpenter Brut, Absolute Valentine, Perturbator, John Carpenter.