Benny Reid

The Infamous Live

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to experience Benny Reid's instrumental recreation of Mobb Deep's The Infamous. Passion and energy fill each track of this live performance, leaving you with an intricate blend of hip hop beats and jazz motifs. Following the song structure of the original, Reid's captivating interpretations give new depth and flavor to the music, transporting you into a realm of sound and soul. Essential for fans of the seminal original.

Available on blue moon variant on cobalt galaxy wax

Reimagining Mobb Deep's iconic 1995 opus ‘The Infamous’, NYC-based saxophonist and composer Benny Reid's ambitious new project is a collection of acoustic, sample-free renditions, built from the ground up, performed entirely by the multi-instrumentalist auteur.

‘The Infamous Live’ comes on the heels of Reid’s Billboard-charting take of Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Follow The Leader’. From this, Mobb Deep's Havoc discovered his work and authorized him to reconstruct the timeless Mobb Deep album, giving Reid input and working with him in the studio to complete the project.

Reid is a forward-thinking jazz musician with a bent toward mixing expansive post-bop improvisation with atmospheric contemporary jazz styles. He released his first two albums on the prestigious Concord label and has been working with Fat Beats to create interesting, progressive tributes to the hip-hop albums that defined his youth.

The only way to reimagine a classic such as The Infamous is to ensure that the utmost care and integrity is adhered to during the construction. Fortunately, I found myself immersed in the absolute majesty of the source material, some of which was directly performed by my idols, as well as teachers. The brilliance of the original record created a dichotomy of sorts. The material is so desirable to replay, but how to do so in order to warrant a rebirth? The answer lied in stretching the boundaries of my acoustic instruments and jazz background. I hope you enjoy The Infamous Live as much as I enjoyed creating it. -Benny Reid