Live In Ghent

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN if you want to melt into your seat, face first of course. Brutal riffs, proficient drumming, and absolutely incredible music. If you're a fan of Russian Circles, but want more vocals in your jams, this is for you. Russian Circles x Thrice with a female vocalist. It is only a matter of time before this band blows up in the States, so grab this one quickly before it is sold out everywhere!

Available on 2 LP black wax

To describe the last few years as a whirlwind for Belgian trio, Brutus, would be an understatement. Their monolithic sophomore release, Nest, which was released to overwhelming high acclaim in March of last year, has cemented the band as one of rock's most visceral and promising acts. Moreover, Brutus have quickly become a ‘Must See’ live band, led by drummer/vocalist Stefanie Mannaerts, whose massive and emotive vocals are mirrored only by her intense drumming. Guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden and bassist Peter Mulders complete the magic circle with pervasive riffs and dynamic bass lines. With all touring canceled in 2020, Brutus wanted to share their favorite live performance set with highlights from their first two albums. Live in Ghent was recorded and filmed at their’ hometown show at Handelsbeurs Ghent, Belgium in May 2019. The performance highlights the young trio's incredible chemistry, explosive energy and sonic precision across the 13 songs.

"Those of you who have seen Brutus play live, know we live by the energy we create among the three of us. When playing live, we try to make you feel what we feel and recreate all of the emotions we went through during the writing process. Every show we try to take our songs further, explore them deeper, play them better.

When the real world went into lockdown, early March 2020, a year of live music disappeared before our eyes. Going on tour, playing festivals, watching bands, it’s all gone. It was as hard for us as it has been for everybody involved in live music. As a remedy, we took the time to look back on what we had already done and collected the footage we had of our previous shows. Painful and healing at the same time.

That’s when we stumbled upon the recordings of our show at Handelsbeurs in Gent, May 2019. A hometown show we fully recorded and filmed after a period of touring, in front of all our family and friends. (That’s Peter’s stepson on the cover, writing our setlist for the night.) Looking back, almost a year later, we feel absolutely proud about that show particularly. Almost every song could be a better version than the studio album.

Fire and Sugar Dragon, open- and closing track of the set are already up on Youtube, but now we will release the full set as a double album on vinyl.

For you to enjoy, for you to join us into our world when playing live. We know, it’s just a recording and not even close to the real feeling we had on stage or the energy we got back from the crowd in the room.

We hope you like it." - BRUTUS, July 2020

01. Fire (Live)
02. Cemetery (Live)
03. Horde II (Live)
04. Drive (Live)
05. War (Live)
06. Justice de Julia II (Live)
07. Child (Live)
08. Space (Live)
09. Techno (Live)
10. Distance (Live)
11. All Along (Live)
12. Sugar Dragon (Live) 
13. Baby Seal (Live)