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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for an "aquatic concept album from a landlocked country, featuring an ensemble of guest vocals and folk wind instruments (zurna, duduk, shvi and pku)." As far as we know, this is the only entry to the 'fishwave' genre, but we'll be pushing for more just like this - house music for chilling, working, or partying. 

Available on translucent orange wax, limited to 500 copies.

Born Hovhannes Sargsyan, D.zúk (”dzook” = fish) is a Yerevan-based producer influenced by the delicate qualities of nature, juxtaposed against the concrete imprint of human existence. His debut, Ishkhan (“eesh-khan” = prince; also refers to an endemic trout found in Lake Sevan) is a pensive journey through ethereal, underwater landscapes. He calls his music “fishwave”; a swinging mélange of dub, house, bass and ambient sounds.

“Ishkhan to me is at its strongest when it gets deepest into its reveries and abstractions... Wobbly electronic weirdness collides with duduks and whatnot - and maybe reach maximum fish-ness with ”Poghpatits Sarer”. Reserved grooves strolling astride plenty of great musicianship. As a debut, it shows great promise of things to come, too, and I hope creator [D.zúk] continues to plumb to watery depths soon.” - Peter Kirn for CDM.link