DJ Krush – 再生


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Available on limited 2xLP wax

DJ KRUSH announces the release of his latest album 『再生 -Saisei-』. This album marks his first independent release in the past four years since his previous work, 『TRICKSTER』. During the pandemic, DJ KRUSH reflected upon himself, honed his skills, and overcame-this is his first album remarking his new chapter after his independence. ‘Saisei’ in Japanese holds multiple meanings: to ‘Play’ music and art, to ‘Rebirth’, ‘Reconstruction’ to make something rebirth, and ‘Renaissance’ to revive art… . In 2024, on this opportunity of his independence, DJ KRUSH commits to ‘saisei’ and by repeating his commitment to ‘saisei’, he breathes new life into his creation as he carves out the future. Featured artists (in alphabetical order: Jinmenusagi, Chinza Dopeness, D.O