Darkness Come Alive

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Available on gold and black with splatter Wax, limited to 300 

Recorded and engineered at God City Studios by Kurt Ballou, Darkness Come Alive shows a more monstrous Doomriders emerging. Songs like Jealous God and Heavy Lies The Crown carry a precision and infectious quality, while the title-esque track Come Alive is a stunning example of their new found muscle. The opening seconds of the aforementioned sets an electrifying backdrop before erupting into one of the most hook laden ebb and flows of recent memory. Effortlessly throughout the album they continue this bombardment, with rhythm section JR Conners (Cave In) and Jebb Riley (Disappearer) as the hurricane force wind at the back of Chris Pupecki's (Cast Iron Hike) riffs and Nate Newton's (Converge) gritty duel guitar/vocal attack. Shedding influences to stand with them as contemporaries, Doomriders Darkness Come Alive is a monumental full length achievement. Proving not only that aggressive music still has much to offer, but that Doomriders are more soulful and heavier than all.