Emancipator & Lapa

11th Orbit

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN if you're looking for a tripped-out, exotic dance party. While maintaining characteristics of Emancipator's trip hop / downtempo core, Lapa (violinist in Emancipator's live ensemble) turns up the tempo, bringing in melodic house beats. Downtempo, uptempo, whatever - the duo blends their international influences into an album full of tracks just as good for getting your entire den grooving, as it is for chillaxing on a pile of pillows. Choose your own orbit...

Available on black wax

The collaborative album between Emancipator & Lapa is an exploration that showcases a new and entirely open composition style where any instrument or influence is brought into the fold and utilized in new and unexpected ways.

It’s an experimental take on the roots of electronic music that sees the duo exploring uncharted musical territories more akin to DJ mixes than any of their previous material, yet remaining accessible by the familiar anchor of four-on-the-floor beats.