Emiliana Torrini

Miss Flower

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Emilíana Torrini emerges from hiatus with a brand new album, MISS FLOWER. Returning to an illustrious career, spanning chart-topping hits like ‘Sunny Road’ and ‘Jungle Drum’ from acclaimed albums such as Fisherman’s Woman, Me And Armini and Tookah + iconic film soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Emilíana has earned a Grammy® nomination, Ivor Novello and Icelandic music awards with her versatile style blending folk, pop, and electronic influences, leaving an indelible mark on a generation. Now, as she prepares to unveil her latest work, MISS FLOWER, Torrini’s inimitable vocals and innovative compositions promise to captivate audiences anew.

Inspired by a box of letters written to her friend Zoe’s mother – Geraldine Flower, Emilíana Torrini embarks on a deeply personal journey with her latest album. Delving into a wealth of letters, journals, and photographs, Emilíana, Zoe and longtime collaborator and producer Simon Byrt, uncovered a treasure trove of stories revealing an enchanting free-spirit who defied societal norms. In Emilíana’s own words; “Miss Flower lived adventurously and, on her terms, she led with something other than marriage and convention, a fearless loyalty to her truth. She had nine proposals and never married. Men were obsessed with her, and some letters are of that heartbreak, some of great lust, some reference espionage, and secret meetings and others are very humorous. For me as a lyric writer I was in heaven. Zoe gave me so much artistic licence and her own stories of her mum wove nicely in with the letters”. All these stories sparked Torrini’s creative vision, breathing life into the captivating narrative woven throughout MISS FLOWER. This album not only pays homage to Geraldine Flower’s legacy but also explores wider themes of freedom, adventure, love, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to join Torrini on a poignant exploration of identity and empowerment.