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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for brand new tracks from one of the world's most underrated heavy bands. While we would always prefer more songs from these Japanese heavyweights, this EP contains all the emotion and melody and power that one would expect from envy. Dark yet uplifting, and dynamic with moments of both discordance and tenderness, this collection of songs kicks ass. And now, we wait for more!

Available on transparent purple wax, limited to 1000

Nearly three years after their hugely acclaimed last album, The Fallen Crimson, envy has released their new EP, Seimei.

Seimei contains 3 songs: "Seimei", "Zanshin" and "Yamayura" It is a title that entrusts the word "Seimei" to the usual way of life that awaits us, finding a small hope in the dark passage of time.

Recording and mixing for Seimei was handled by Takaaki Mino – of the Japanese band, toe – creating a natural yet intense sound. The artwork is by Cris Crude – of beloved American screamo band, pg.99 – who also made the art for envy’s "Alnair In August" single (2018).