Late Reflections

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for a perfect blend of classical and electronic music. Piano notes dance over synths and drum machines in a cohesive style, followed by stunning ambient breaks filled with reverb and echoes. This is a stunning album and might just be Grandbrothers' best to date. If you're into classical (new or old), ambient, or downtempo, do yourself a favor and spend some time with this wonderful album.

Available on black wax including a special mat foil print, printed inner sleeves, and inlay on transparent paper

At its core, Grandbrothers’ music represents a communion between the old and the new. On their extraordinary new album Late Reflections, the German-Swiss duo place their art in communion with an institution so old it predates their music by seven centuries: Cologne Cathedral. The iconic monument of Gothic architecture, which is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Germany’s most visited landmark, served as an unorthodox recording studio for Grandbrothers’ fourth album, marking the only time the Cathedral has ever permitted a recording of this kind. The resulting album pulses with a rare sense of history and architecture, allowing the spatial properties of this magnificent building to shape and deepen the timbre of the duo’s swelling compositions.

Grandbrothers have made a career out of spurning tradition. Formed in Düsseldorf, Germany, more than a decade ago, the piano duo creates richly textured music that straddles the boundaries between ambient, minimalism, and electronica.