Pumpkin Witch

Hovel Of The Pumpkin Witch

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN to be immersed in a Dungeon-Synth world where a monstrous creature sustains itself on the flesh of children. It is a dark ambient soundtrack seemingly constructed from the 16 bit land of Castlevania that floats to our world from another plain, slowly reaching to you from your turntable... 

Available on orange wax, limited to 300

Message #1:

My name is Mr. C-, and I am working on a newspaper article regarding the Pumpkin Witch Disappearances. Quite a bit of my time lately has been dedicated to digging up information on this matter, and I may have found something that requires more attention than a write up in the paper. The authorities seem to care little for the information I brought them, so I thought I would reach out to those who may listen.

As you may know, children around this time of year go missing, many of which are never found. What is generally found is a missing child's shoes accompanied by a small jack-o-lantern. Those children that are found are usually wandering through woods or farmlands with vacant expressions and unable to say anything other than to mumble the words "Pumpkin Witch." Very clearly, these children undergo very serious mental and emotional trauma.

Perhaps related to the disappearances, three figures cloaked in darkness have been spotted in areas where these children go missing. It is unclear what part these three specters play in all of this, but it is advised to keep your distance.

There are various pieces of folklore that speak of the Pumpkin Witch. These stories vary to some extent, but they all describe a dark entity living in a dank hovel near a pumpkin patch that feasts on the flesh of children. In the stories, all that is left of each eaten child is their footwear and a small jack-o-lantern. It would appear that the disappearances that have been occurring are related to the stories of the Pumpkin Witch. I will not publicly state that I believe a witch that lives in a pumpkin patch is eating children, however something strange is plainly happening here.

These disappearances always happen throughout the month of October, however due to different bits of found information, I have reason to believe that something significant will occur when the moon is full, on the date of October 5th. Be wary and do not go out alone after dark on this date. If you hear or see anything related to the Pumpkin Witch, please contact me.

Feel free to spread this information.

Remember, October 5th. Beware the Pumpkin Witch.

Message #2:

Mr. C- here again. The disappearances have begun, and it is only October 2nd, the second night of this most sinister of months. This, of course, will continue to go on throughout October. The authorities are too quick to latch onto the most conventional excuses without any evidence. None seem willing to dig below the surface of these disappearances year after year. Perhaps this is the sorcery of the Pumpkin Witch....

Anyway, the reason I am sending another message is because I have found more information. Due to certain pieces of the Pumpkin Witch legends viewed with a newly acquired acute awareness of the occult, I deduced that some kind of audiological evidence might be found where disappearances have occurred in the past. Lo and behold, at some of these sites, as well as at the large pumpkin patch in town, different unsettling things can be heard in the hours between midnight and dawn. It's as if some kind of demonic music from beyond our known plane of existence filters through. I have recorded these ghastly tunes onto audio cassettes.

What is the significance of this? It is hard to tell for sure. My theories at this point along with all of my research are as follows: either this music is some kind of cry for help from the lost souls of the missing children, or it is some kind of warning. If it is a warning for an oncoming terror, this would support my theory of an abominable occurrence on October 5th. Extra caution should be exercised until further analysis can be made.

Be careful my friends. October is here, and the Pumpkin Witch is already claiming victims.