Hundred Year Old Man

Sleep In Light

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Available on "Twin Nebulas" double 180 gram LPs, disc one on blue smokey vinyl, disc two on red smokey vinyl. Includes lyrics/credits insert

The album title comes from an episode of Babylon 5, one of Owen's favourite scifi series. It was his love of scifi that brought it to our attention and we noticed that both the title and theme of the episode fit exactly with the themes of the album: ‘Nearing the end of his 20 year life extension, Sheridan bids his farewell to all his friends and family, while the now obsolete Babylon 5 is prepared for decommissioning’.

The album's concept was conceived very early in the writing process. The first song to be written (A New Terror) was originally going to be based on the last voyage of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, which sailed into the arctic, but never returned. The album deals with themes of isolation and despair, while offering elements of hope and possibility in a suddenly bleak time for us all in the world today. It is a soundtrack to loss and love, life and death and all that lies between.