Unaltered Perspective

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for throwback 90s hardcore vibes full of pummeling riffage, harmonics, and the double bass drum pedals to get the pit moving in your living room. This album kicks ass. 'Nuff said.

Available on first press Halloween Orange/White/Black A-side/B-side w/ Heavy White Splatter limited to 200 copies or Indie-exclusive Silver, Clear, Gold Stripe w/ splatter limited to 400 

After a self-released 12"ep and another for Pure Noise, Louisville, KY's Inclination is primed and ready to unleash their debut full-length, Unaltered Perspective, on the masses. Featuring members of Knocked Loose, Inclination unleashes 11 tracks of '90s-inspired, straight-edge hardcore that takes cues from that era's greats like One King Down, Unbroken, Earth Crisis, etc. LP includes digital download. 

Unaltered Perspective proves why Inclination have been turning so many heads in their relatively short existence. The album features a seemingly endless well of vicious riffs courtesy of guitarists Caleb Murphy and Isaac Hale (who also plays with heavyweights Knocked Loose), while bassist Peter Katter and drummer Christopher Mills provide an earth-shaking foundation. And the towering sound is the perfect delivery system for vocalist Tyler Short's roaring voice and pointed lyricism.