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Available on opaque orange indie-exclusive wax

Norwegian Metal Band's Fifth Album on Double LP!

Rolling Stone pegged Kvelertak's second album, Meir, at #2 on its "20 Best Metal Albums of 2013" and named their third album, Nattesferd, among the "25 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2016." Pitchfork, Spin, The Quietus, Decibel, BBC Music, and more have sung their praises. While opening a sold-out Foo Fighters show in Norway, rock legend Dave Grohl presented the band with their first Norwegian gold plaque in recognition of 2011's self-titled debut. Turning Metallica into vocal fans, they've toured with everybody from Slayer and Mastodon to Gojira and Anthrax, building a diehard fan base along the way.

From the band's press statement: "On Endling, we tell the stories of the extinct and dying men and women of Norway. Old and new myths, culture, and rituals come to life - the folklore that doesn't fit a TV series concept. Vikings and trolls are for television. This is the real deal. As the sun fell, at the time when oxen are unyoked, following the trail cut by the footsteps of Rasmus Vardal, the marauders of rock came riding again, screaming Kielland is dead, long live Kielland!"