Bad to the Bone

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for a straight up fun record full of thrashy punk. Crack open that beer and slam a cheers with your buds (or toss yourself back on a lawn chair) and crush one like you were born to do. Yep, you're bad to the bone - act like it.

Available on bone-white wax

Crossbred from a mangey mix of Johnny Thunders and early blink demos, M.U.T.T. is the rabid soul of the sun bleached parking lot party. M.U.T.T.’s fleabitten grit is a love letter to band posters on the wall, car stereos shrieking through a window, and the timeless youth of late nights built for laughter. A hound hunting for a true home M.U.T.T. sniffs the riffs and barks just like it bites.

A mangey crossbreed of Johnny Thunders, Crüe, and the Buddha Tapes, M.U.T.T. is a rabid pack of hounds ready to let loose on your parking lot party. The good time flea-bitten grit of M.U.T.T. bares its teeth on ‘BAD TO THE BONE’ a straight-shot ten-track bottle rocket love letter to the howling soul of late nite rock n roll. Ditch the dogcatcher and run with M.U.T.T. as they bite the hand, sniffs the riffs, and lifts their leg on the world. Good boy.


Tags: Garage, Mutt, Punk, Rock