Retro Jungle (Various Artists)

A Day In Japan

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN if you like your beats smooth and mellow with subtle, yet substantial Japanese flavor. Good for a glass of whiskey and a spliff, or for some quality time with that special someone.

Available on 2xLP black wax

A Day in Japan is the very new compilation by Retro Jungle Records in collaboration with the French brand Talister. The project is featuring artists from the Japanese Hip Hop scene and many others across the globe. The music is inspired by Japanese landscapes, culture and filled with travel vibes.

The idea was to work with independant artists based in Japan and to propose to each artist the concept of creating a track they would listen to during a trip to there.

The result is a great double vinyl featuring 24 tracks, composed for this special occasion ! This compilation features artists like Marcus D, Kazuki Isogai, Saib, Pastel, Florent Garcia, Kazumi Kaneda and many others!