rose hotel

A Pawn Surrender

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Available on 12" black wax with signed cover

“A Pawn Surrender is an album about relationships: with myself, with friends, with lovers, and with the world around me. It’s about learning how to play the game, what moves to make, figuring out who I’m up against (most often my toughest opponent is my own internal chaos), choosing when to fight for what you want, or when it’s time to surrender. I’m at the cusp of my thirties and very interested in understanding how to best utilize varying traits within myself to move through life with some sense of strategy and intention; to slow down, celebrate my strengths and ponder my weaknesses. I love the chess motif running throughout the album because chess is a game that requires patience, understanding, and acceptance — three virtues that I struggle to maintain but will always seek to embody.” – Jordan Reynolds (Rose Hotel)