Ruissalo Amping – Tähtien suojatit Maan povellac

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Perhaps the most significant release in the Urku genre is Ruissalo Amping's debut album Tähtien Suojatit Maan Povella. This decibel-defying sculpture has now finally been engraved on vinyl, in a limited edition but still.

The album is a romantic rumble, a reverb-drenched roar of the world's most wonderful instrument, the electric guitar, and shy songs about Earth issues - issues that surely already touch many at the moment, and inevitably will soon touch all. The ultimate beauty is in the ear of the listener, but dare we say it, something wonderful has been born.

The album was released digitally by Karhuvaltio Records. After its release, the album received rave reviews in the media and was voted Soundi magazine's Critics' Choice of the Year. The digital release was accompanied by a small C-cassette edition of 100 copies.

"Star Shields on the Face of the Earth" sounds like a bright manifesto of imagination measuring the night skies, revealing genre-bending fan relationships, an open-minded enthusiasm for making, and a soul sensitive to universal concerns." - Soundi

(Translated from Finnish.)