Skinny Lister

A Matter Of Life & Love

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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for your newest drinking album. Toss this on your table, crack open some cold ones with someone special, and enjoy the evening (or day, or morning - no judgments here). Of course, if you're already a fan of Skinny Lister, as we are, the brews are optional. This music sounds good any hour of the day with any activity! Oh yeah, go see them live. What a show!

Available on limited edition pink wax

‘A Matter Of Life & Love’ is the fifth studio album from Skinny Lister. Written, produced, recorded and mixed all by the band, the album is a collection of songs that bring together a range of styles from ska to rock and from folk punk to a straight up original sea shanty as evidenced on the single ‘Damn The Amsterdam’. Shanty is in the band’s blood and this single features brilliant salty harmonies from The Longest Johns, who also appear in the video.