Vector Seven


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PUT THIS IN YOUR DEN for a hypercolor trip through the world of cyberpunk. This is the perfect beat-based synthwave soundtrack if you're a robot snowboarding through the fiery pits of hell. Or, perhaps you're just looking for some fun late-night driving music. Really, you can't go wrong...

Available on limited 180 gram transparent with pink & white splatter wax EP

Vector Seven, the virtuoso of the cyberpunk genre serves you the virtual album "Modified". Previously only available on the digital format, now available on limited vinyl interface which you can jack in, and experience the retro futuristic net personally at your own residence.

With the hit track “Trauma Team” clocking in at 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone, this creation will not disappoint any online net runners.

"Modified" includes bonus tracks like the grit punched "Hydraulic", Yautja advanced "Camouflage", and a upgraded version of the original "Trauma Team" track.